Couple of things this weekend

Looks like a small crew will be headed to Biloxi--likely the Beau--on Saturday for the first part of Big Ray's bachelor party this weekend. Also, there is a tournament in Lafayette on Friday, Gene and I are thinking about playing in. We are going to send out a GCP email about it for anybody that is interested. If you are not on the list email us and we'll give you the 411. It's for a great cause helping out injured Oilmen and promises to be a first class event.

I also wanted to give a heads up to Tex and Dwayne who both were in Disney World at the same time as me but somehow as Tex said, despite seeing every other Louisana citizen I missed those guys. I also missed the superbowl, I heard it was a snoozer.

Not sure if I'll be playing at Harrahs or Boomtown tomorrow but it's always a gametime possibility.

A little review, from from this past weekend. I played up a level, based on the urging of a couple of bloggers on here, and for the loose cash that was supposedly in town. I get there early, and sit down with about 4 familar faces and they all knew the 4 other guys, so it was a waiting game. Unfortunately, I probably played with three non locals over the course of the night, so it was a lot of waiting for nothing.

Though I did have Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, and Charles Oakley sightings. One of the non locals claimed to be an Indiana Pacers assistant coach named Lester. Lester was getting hit pretty hard by the cards. His stack was built mostly on one hand. Sometimes you just get feelings and your gut tells you to mix it up. I didn't and he took down this monster pot.

Lester raised 7x, when the standard raise at the table was about 4 to 5x. I look down at pocket 5s. He's sitting deep, I'm hoping he's got a big hand. Time to hit my 7 to 1 shot and double up the roughly 650 I got in front of me. I call, my gut won't let me opt out. Uh oh, a tight player also joins the fray.

Flop is Ak9. Lester leads out with a large, large bet. I'm ready to fold, it's a nobrainer, I whiffed, but my gut is saying mixing it up. My brain reminds me people lose a lot of money mixing it up, especially with that board. I fold, despite my battle with my ESP (extra-stomachery perception), and then I get some relief when the tight player calls. Turn is... yes, you guessed it 5. Lester leads again with a gninormous bet, tight guy raises, Lester calls. What can they have? River comes an A. Lester shoves. Tight guy calls.

I'm eager to see these hands, the pot is about 2k. Lester turns over... AJ. Uh, yeah... AJ. Tight guy either mucks or flashed his cards quickly or I just forgot because fricking AJ took down that pot. I'm still confused. .

Lester was sitting next to a guy me and my neighbor dubbed Mr. Two-Pair who rivered a second pair in just about every hand he saw to completion. He ran one bluff on me when I held jacks to a lower board and I made a crying call despite his history. Otherwise he pretty much hit his three outers on the river every time and overbet it.

He gave Lester another big pot, when his two pair wasn't good enough and everybody squared their sights on the 6'8 coach. Unfortunately, he went into lock down mode and took his stacks of 100s and 25s off the table an hour later. Another tight player, a guy who knew the locals that play this level but I didn't recognize, let my table image get the better of him. He raised large preflop. I had AQ suited and called from the blind. I like to hit my queen with that holding so when it came A10rag, I checked it to him. I was most worried about Ak. As his large preflop raise was atypical for him. He fired a large bet out and I call even though on my insides my ESP is saying AK, AK, AK, AK. The turn is a shaquille o'neal foul shot and I check. He mulls and checks behind me. Huh?

Hmm. I put him on maybe KK now. River is a 10, but I didn't see it because we are both staring at one another waiting to see if the river helped the other. It got a little bit awkward. I glance at the red 10 out of the corner of my eye and throw out 150. I'm feeling weakness. He stalls. He then folds showing AK face-up. I don't know if I could have laid that down.

So I got lucky and took a small loss on the night with fatigue caught up to me, and when I realized I was moving in 4 hours and six handed wasn't cutting it.


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