Ed takes 4th

There are no 6 pm tournaments in Biloxi. Stayed local for a bar tournament. Ed eked out a 4th place finish playing solid, solid poker. Typical bar tournament with more knuckleheads than players. I listened to a guy whine about people making bad calls after he called me with second pair and no kicker. Yes, he hit his crappy kicker on the river to beat my top pair. He astutely thought I had AK and was "bluffin'" him. We were the two chip leaders at the table and I had a little to survive.

Later in a multi-way pot, I moved all in, he folded this time and this genuis knew I had at least top pair. I wonder what tipped him off? Putting all my chips at risk in a five way pot? The same guy sucked out on a stable player that had a lot of chips to my right to take a commanding chip lead. I think he was gone about 10 hands later. I got to about 13th until I ran into K8 o/s.

Ed played the final table great. There were probably two good players besides him and they all made the final four. The rest were, as Gene would say, bananas. Five handed, two of them, the two mamonth chips stacks went at it. And when I say mamonth between the two of them they probably had 80% of the chips, one guy called off all his chips with AK vs. KK. I don't mind playing for the win, but gotta think he'd been better served with the payout structure knocking out the three short stacks and guaranteeing himself at least a grand. It was so top heavy for 1-2 that Ak can be laid down.

Ed got knocked out when he shoved with AQ and somebody woke up with 8s.


GeneD said…
How much cheese did Ed pocket?

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