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Bad Luck, Good Luck, A Country Divided

I've mostly kept my mouth shut about politics but time to weigh in a little bit in the aftermath of the election.  Feel free to skip if this isn't the reason you come here.  Poker Talk Below under "Donkley."


My republican friends have greeted the election as the final push off the cliff.  My Democratic friends are ecstatic   As usual I'm somewhere in the middle.  My lack of passion centers around the fact that both parties despite their pontification and punditry are shades of the same color.  Obviously, neither candidate winning would have made me ecstatic, though this year I was leaning a lot more one way than the other.  It's the way I lean most election cycles, moreso this year than other years though.   What I do find particularly interesting is the question of whether or not the feedback on social media, the out right fear and horror of the republican base, is even registering on the democrats.  Probably not.

It's funny, Democrats think Re…

Hurricane Sandy

Uggh...  Hate that Hurricane Sandy has lived up to the hype.  I hope all of us who lived through Katrina and her aftermath will extend the same generosity the Northeast sent our way a few years back, now, in their time of need.

If you want to make a small donation of $10 to the redcross text:  REDCROSS to 90999.  Really, that's the minimum all of us should do.  Times are tight but we can all afford at least $10.  If you want to make a bigger contribution and can afford it please go to their website.  Or if you have the time head north to help first hand, something my wife and I talked about me doing.  I have a friend from New York who every time he came down post Katrina for a Jazzfest or a poker tournament volunteered to do something in Mississippi or Louisiana.

As I made mention in my last blog, I believe there is a lot of lingering resentment from Gulf Coasters to those small few idiots that questioned why people would rebuild down here.  Those trolls in the media and on the me…