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Monkey's Minions, WSOP Thoughts...

Wow.  I'm honored and humbled.  For the third year in a row, I've been selected to be a minion.  Huge thanks to Will Souther who runs this little investment group and to all the people that buy shares of the players.  It's the high point of any poker player's year to play in the WSOP Main Event and to have a seat locked up in April is thrilling, awesome, and comforting.  Thank you so much everybody!

My first two years I lasted the longest of the Minions (that's why I got asked back) and last year did the same cashing as I made making a run to almost the top 200 players.  (Btw, had they paid the top 15% the first year, as they do now, I  would have cashed then too).  In the aftermaths, I don't think I realized how well I ran to go pretty deep both years.

The first year I was all in once (that tells you all you need to know in how that went  KK no good v. jj).  Last year, I was all in only three times.  On day two, I could only beat a bluff and called off after …

Spring Poker Classic

I'm here at the Golden Moon one of the two casinos that make up Pearl River's Resort in Choctaw, Mississippi.  The room is modern and new.  Plenty of amenities to make the three hour drive from New Orleans worthwhile.  None moreso than the possible overlay in the Main Event tomorrow.

Gene D and I are finally at the same poker tournament at the same time.  Ruling out the rumor that we have merged into one GCP mega person.  Course we've yet to play the same tournament at the same time so perhaps that strange theorem still has legs.

Downstairs Gene has already won a mega for the this Main Event and will likely play tomorrow if he can get his ticket changed from his six pm start time tonight.  I'll play a mega later and join him tomorrow.  No idea if we'll have any company because the first flight only had 30 or so players in it.  While I'd prefer an overlay and fewer people to battle it out with... we told Paul and Eric, two of the guys running the tournament, tha…