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Suggestions for Fellow Minions

Here are my unsolicited suggestions for Monkey's Minions candidates that I'll pass on to the Monkey himself:

So, in no particular order here are my endorsements of players that I know who have submitted or probably will submit.

Gene D, alright, I lied, this first one is in order.  My man's always going to be my first recommendation. This is the guy that got me into poker and steered me in the right direction when I thought "Big Slick" was the nuts no matter the board. Any of my future, my current and  my past successes in the game wouldn't have come without him listening to me in the early years and steering my learning process.

Gene, my partner at GCP (and there would be no GCP without a fateful conversation years ago), is a family man, poker advocate, all around great guy, and a player with the style and patience to succeed in the WSOP main event.  Coolers, bad beats, and bad luck aside, he's got to be a favorite to cash.  He's not going to bluff off…