My pick this week is Denver to lose. Looking over the last few Colts-Broncos games, the home team usually wins (last year Indy winning on the road being the exception). These games are generally tight. Some things to note... Denver is atrocious against the spread of late, makes me think a blowout will be exactly what Mike Shannanhan gets making this a safe pick. Incidentially, have you seen Mike's gameday face, what he really needs is some Colonblow. Also, Indy and Denver are both doing well hitting the over of late (Indy in a dome that is) so you folks that gamble might want to look into that wager. The logic makes sense with this one, you look at Denver and think running team with solid defense, but they actually put up a fair amount of points and allow more than you'd think. Indy in a dome is the Greatest Show on Turf part deux, plus, all their matchups are high scoring affairs. Bang the OVER as my LOW and I'm taking the Broncos to lose.


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