Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Will get back to the Wrestler-Poker Player column soon... The first two installments are below

But first things first...

Saw that our friends at popular online casino bwin have a new game in their casino: Amazon Adventure. Looks like a good bit of fun. It's a 16-reel slot game with 10 lines to win. In the spirit of an Amazon Adventure the bonus rounds are played at waterfalls and volcanos.

There is also a scatter bonus where you can win if you get a random set of 7s or more. There are a lot more games like this for players that like slot play at home. They also have a great interface to play blackjack online and to play roulette online.

If Poker Stars were 80s/90s Wrestlers Who Would They Be? Part II


This is going a little 90s, but if the two forces of poker were wrestling federations it's pretty obvious now to see that the WSOP is the Titan winning the battle and the WPT is the now struggling rival that one day might get swallowed up by the big boy. The parallels are obvious here, WSOP like the WWWF, later the WWF, and later still the WWE gobbled up many local poker tournaments and rebranded them circuit events just like Vince McMahon's federation spread like a virus across the U.S.

Both organizations have the single flagpole events with the WSOP's Main Event and the WWF's Wrestlemania. Both "sports" are yearlong journeys toward their main event with every participant wanting to be one of the final two.

The WPT and WCW have a lot in common too. Both grew and festered and really ignited a broader following to their "sports" by being on a cable station not normally associated with their entertainment fare. Travel Channel and poker? Of course that makes sense. Ted Turner's TBS station which was a hodgepodge of movie re-runs and WCW? Yeah, that makes sense too.

WPT and WCW really pushed the growth of their sports with innovations. Hulk Hogan as a bad guy? WPT showing more of the final table with warts and all. WCW realized they had more to offer than just the schtick being fed to the audience on their rivals telecasts so they created a combination of behind the scenes rivalries and theater tinge with real life. They educated the audience about pushes and organizational politics. The WPT lipstick cameras did just the same for poker. Both pulled the curtain back a little bit and profited immensely from it.

The WSOP and WWF both reacted to their rivals, with the WSOP unveiling Circuit Events telling better stories in packaged pieces at their Main Event, and unleashing the ultimate underdog story on the world. After Chris Moneymaker it was game over.

Chris Moneymaker - Ultimate Warrior and Bill Goldberg

All three individuals took their sports by storm climbing to the highest level possible quickly and with huge fanfare. The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg were sensations that steamrolled through their opponents like they were lambs to the slaughter, while Moneymaker bluffed and bested a who's who of poker's elite.

If ever there was a reason for Phil Ivy, Sammy Farha, Freddie Deeb, Johnny Chan, and Dan Harrington to job to an out of nowhere force it was at Moneymaker's Main Event. Moneymaker punished the big names and took the title and they all reaped the rewards of the Moneymaker effect. The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg did the same thing to their respective federation's top stars. They decimated the ranks of the top stars in short order and they all profited from it.

It was also after their mercurial rises that people in retrospect began to question their fundalmentals. I started to simply compare Moneymaker to the Ultimate Warrior but that's not fair to Moneymaker. Goldberg, though it might have been brief, had a second and third act to his career, the Ultimate Warrior went off the deep end. I think Moneymaker's influence on poker and his future is brighter than the Warrior's.

-More to come

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If Poker Stars were 80s Wrestlers Who Would They Be?

It's the year end so a little bit of a fun column. To make it a little easier we'll assume that the wrasslin' was real. This will be a multi-part column.

Let's start with an easy one:

Greg Fossilman Raymer - King Kong Bundy

If Greg ever goes full bore and shaves the pate totally, he won't have too much heavy lifting to get to King Kong Bundy's physique. I'm not sure he'd have to "get into shape" as much as stay out of shape. King Kong Bundy was actually a pretty smart guy. The Fossilman wore his funky shades on his way to his Main Event bracelet and fooled everybody in thinking he was dumber than he really was. Both are giants but both seem to be teddy bears at heart.

John Juanda - Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Okay, David the Dragon Pham was too obvious. The Dragons may share a nickname but that's about it. Ricky the Dragon was one of the more underated wrestlers out there. He took bumps with a generation of greatness, when his peers were Hulk Hogan, Randy Macho Man Savage, Rick Flair and others. Just wasn't enough room under the spotlight to truly appreciate him. Something Juanda shares in common with Steamboat as he pals around with Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivy, and Allen Cunningham. They both share a very similar look, and by look I don't mean appearence, it's a kind of a studied gaze when eyeballing their opponents.

Eskimo Clark - Hillbilly Jim

I've been in Eskimo Clark's vincinity. You'd know it by the smell. While there are probably a great many wrestlers that might have the funk (Terry Funk for one) Hill Billy Jim looks like he bathed the least. They also share a beard. Their names for whatever reason probably generated more recognition than their talents warrant. Sure, Eskimo has won some, but if he was just Paul Clark I doubt he'd be as recognizable. Same goes for Jim minus the Hill Billy. Gimmicks work in poker as well as wrestling.

Rowdy Roddy Piper - Mike the Mouth Matusow

I think Mike the Mouth looks a little bit like Ralph Malph/Mouth from Happy Days. Just dye the hair black. He looks even more like EPL manager Martin O'Neil. He looks absolutely nothing like Roddy Piper but both guys started out something as villians and for the most part both have transitioned into lovable rogues. Sure Mikey rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but he's kind of the smart ass in class who's too funny to get detentions. He and Roddy are loud, short-tempered, and have the energy of a black hole.

Daniel Negreanu - Eric Bischoff (alright 90s count too)

Both are little guys. Both have a lot of sway. Negreanu is a prominent voice in all the poker issues, perhaps with a little more sway than he deserves. Purely as a hero-villian the comparison fails. Bischoff was a villian and Negreanu is most fans white hatted cowboy. But bear with me, both always have the last word and all the answers. Both zig when their opponents are zagging. Bischoff's smarminess came with a smile and Negreanu never seems to be without his "I'm smarter than you" giggle. One day Negreanu will start sporting a black leather jacket and you'll see.
Patrick Antonius - Mr. Perfect
If only we could get the personality of cardboard to add the spit-the-gum-in-the-air-and-hit-it-trick of Curt Henning. Otherwise, the Brad Pitt of poker simply lives up to the wrestler's name because the ladies think he's perfect. Plus he plays near perfect online and live. The dude's living a perfect life too. Doubt he could go 10 for 10 from the foul line or smash home runs as Mr. Perfect claimed he could, but the Swede is poker's Mr. Perfect.
Jimmy SuperFly Snuka - Scotty Nguyn

It's all about the mullet baby.

--More to come

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UB Scandal

This latest scandal on UB could just be a computer glitch. It could be a freak occurrence that just happened to happen when the face of their company was playing limit poker. Allegedly he's been on a tear... playing limit poker. Allegedly not only isn't he a good limit poker player he's been a bit of a fish of that game. And he's been on a bit of a tear.

Last go around everything smelled real funny, real funny and finally people were able to show it was. This go round, this would be brutal for poker. If Hellmuth goes down we all suffer greatly. I don't think it lights a fire under the collective asses in Congress to regulate it I think it puts a fork in a "rogue" industry.

Of late I've been pimping bWin poker ( for many reasons. Anybody that follows international sports will know they advertise on AC Milan's jerseys. You might see David Beckham wearing one in the next couple of weeks. What's significant about that? Well, in the U.S. how many poker sites have you seen affiliated with major sports teams? Granted it's a different culture over there. They advertise bookmakers on the sidelines. I watched one game with the second half line scrolling on the bottom. So, I recognize them being on the jerseys of one of the biggest sports franchises in the world does not legitimize them, but at the same time it kind of does. It just feels safer.

You can reply with ENRON field, and the bogus-ness of that thought so that's understood. Still, I feel like bWin and other established sites with more official status have more to lose then some of the closer networks. On the sports gambling side they actively notify the European governments about betting pattern irregularities, and actively abide and aide governments seeking to regulate. Shouldn't we already be there in the U.S.?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good guys win.

Giant killers, the itsy bitsy Spiders chew up the Griz.

After party. President holding national championship trophy. Not the craziest party I've been too.

Spiderman was standing next to me.

Chew on this.

Hopefully, Tremayne will win a few more titles. We'll have to track him down every year as he's a redshirt frosh this go around.

Red Bull gives you wings
Vaughn ran for 100+ and might just join former backfield mate and Arizona Cardinal Tim Hightower in the NFL next year.

Spiders Win

In the stands.

Game faces on.
First Touchdown was the old pass back to the quarterback.

Wes with QB Eric Ward after we rushed the field. Notice the winning scoreboard behind. 24-7. Did I mention we won.

Taking a shot with Spider great, Sean Barber at the after party. NFL linebacker with Redskins, Eagles, and Chiefs.

Pregame photo with Brian Jordan, another spider great. Pro football player with the Atlanta Falcons and All Star baseball player with the Atlanta Braves, Cardinals and more. Probably one of the best, and most underrated athletes ever. Class guy too.

Huge weekend for us. 2800 students and we win the national championship over a big state school.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Congrats to Dave Anderson

Last night we held our little satellite tournament and David Anderson came in and best 9 others. I got to heads up action with David and his aggression prevailed. Final hand I over-commited with K9 and had to call when he shoved over my raise on me pre-flop. He had A10 of spades. I hit a K on the turn but he flushed on the river. Better hand and better player won. Congratulations David.

He claimed he was getting bowled over by the deck all night but he obviously played well with the right cards. He was on my right and raising in position on me all night. It was a little frustrating. I got plenty of big hands that held to enable me to make it to the final two, so I got nothing to bitch about. Lots of others were getting coolered and Aces and Kings were going around the table like they were going out of style. If it was a cash game it would have been a REALLY interesting night.

Just a little note, I'm off to Chattanooga to watch the Richmond Spiders football team, my team, in the National Championship game. They are playing mighty Montana tomorrow night on the Deuce, or maybe ESPN regular--not sure. Check out football's best helmets if you are channel surfing on a Friday. In hoops we will upset Wake Forest on ESPN U as a prelude to it. Little Richmond getting all kinds of national coverage, with our second two sport "double-header" in two weeks it's nice.

Since I'm traveling, the updates on the sites will be a little slow. I'll be taking my laptop and hoping to blog while up there and will put any news items on here, but will not be able to publish fresh content on

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It pays to be a nit...

On the front page of under the poker news section Daniel Negreanu's linked poker blog kind of answers my own question that I posed a few posts ago. I play small ball, know where I am in the hand and then watch my opponent catch on the river. Usually it works out that the river card also improves my hand but makes his. You can tell by my tongue in cheek cyncism on the front page about getting rivered that I'm tired of this happeneing. It happens in online poker and in live poker.

In one texas hold 'em tournament I called a guy until the river with second pair--tens. The flop was king high but he was last to act and I felt like was betting some sort of draw. On the turn, he looked like he wasn't improving and threw out another just go away bet when I'd check to him out of position. I call. His river bet didn't bring a flush or a straight card but was a Queen. This time he bet with some confidence and I felt I was beat. Yet, it was a small enough bet I felt I had to call. In my mind, only hand that topped me was a flush draw that was queen high. Yep, that's exactly what he held. He showed doing the verbal free-roll saying the queen cost him a bit to my King. No, just a 10 buddy.

Negreanu advocates in his "defending" your blind blog post check calling these hands until the river ( Here I'm extrapolating out of position heads up post flop to the same line of thinking. Though, I imagine the disconnect and the right play to make is if you feel confident you are making the right read to fire back at the guy. Not so fast, upon closer reading he almost discourages that because he feels you are building a pot with a marginal hand. Now, let's say I raise and this guy calls with his flush draw even if I price him out--happens. Then he hits his queen and thinks that's good and makes a bigger value bet I have to call. Result I lose more money.

Maybe some resistances convinces him that I have top pair and he doesn't press with his pair of queens. And my agression on the turn and river get him to fold. Still I think the play Negreanu advocates is to keep the pots small to weather the rivered card better. Who knows if you earlier bet will take down the pot it might just steal from your stack when fifth street brings a bad call.

I've been utilizing the small ball approach in cash and when I play poker tournament games but feel I really only go deep in tournaments when I'm able to pick up some big early pots. I'm not a very good chip bully but it's far easier to play when you are somewhat deep. So perhaps I need to readjust my thinking.

My nit-ish philosophy has it's role models in Negreanu and Hellmuth. They aren't the only nits to achieve some success now nit21nit took down one of the more prestigious online tournaments at the Grand Series of Poker (for more details check out Bwin's online poker blog (

Often times online handles are just the opposite of playing styles, like an introduction based on a lie. Seems like a bad Threes Company episode (were there any good ones?). A little information, misconstrued has disastorous consequences in texas holdem. Anyway, nit21nit won the final hand with pocket Aces. So he must be tight. Right, he only plays Aces--he must be tight. Regardless of the fact card-dead loose players also play aces. That piece of information really tells us nothing, though you'll hear players at a table comment on it like it's gospel. They say "You only play Aces," start stealing immediately.

Anyway, I digress, let's say nit21nit, is truely such a nit he'd name himself nit twice. For those that know, a nit, is a rock, or a very tight player. It would make sense as the 5k tournament progressed at a slow deliberate pace. A player named redspeeder went out 6th (that's what you get for speeding).

Back to that final hand, nit21nit won when his hand pocket Aces beat KJ who made top pair on a king high board. KoJack lost when nit21nit shoved on the turn. Check-calling seems to be the right play here and it was a bit of a heads-up cooler hand for obling27. Nit21nit took home over 100k for his steady play, in a field of 78 players, with a total prize pool of $390k.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Hand and bWin's Casino

Wanted to talk quickly about the bubble hand that knocked me out a few away to the money. But before I do that I want to briefly mention a poker/casino website we'll be working with. I'm very excited about where they have online blackjack, online roulette, as well as a great poker site that I'll cover more indepth in the coming weeks. I don't play blackjack online much, nor do I play roulette online, but I'm a fan of their gaming having poked around the site a little bit. The online blackjack and roulette is smooth action with quality graphics and an easy to use interface. The also have a great reputation in Europe with probably a little more oversight than many of the traditional sites.

It looks like a great alternative to all the pseudo-American sites that have been in hot water so much recently. I'll be talking a good bit about their poker in the coming weeks as they have some good promotions for trips to the Aussie Millions and a rapidly growing player base. If you do play blackjack online or roulette online or use an online casino I'd recommend you give bWin a shot.

Alright, back to the poker action. I had played at the same table all day. 6 of us had survived from about 170 to 30 or so.

In seat one was a guy who had by virture of bad timing and position been giving me his blinds all day. I'd infrequently raise from mid-position with a hand, get a caller, he'd complete his big or small blind. Flop would either hit or miss me. He'd check. I'd bet. Fold, fold. Just standard continuation bets a lot of the time.

Anyway, he tired of this rather quickly. With each c-bet he'd delay folding just a little bit longer glaring at me. So, I knew he was going to play back sooner or later. Didn't stop me from stealing but I was aware when he did hit back I'd want a hand.

When the tournament structure consumed itself with every stack becoming short, and all ten players tip-toeing through the action, I predictably went a little card dead. Course when I got it in, my hand would either hold or improve and I'd survive--so I'm not complaining.

After a quick couple of pots, finally, I've gotten some chips and probably have enough to make it into the money and maybe deep with one maybe two more pots. Including in that was a pot I got KK all in preflop and a guy called me with QQ. He had not more than five minutes earlier stated he had never, EVER, lost with pocket Queens. "I love the ladies." After asking him if he had started playing poker yesterday, I got to witness a first as he lost with the ladies.

We were in the stage the players were dropping like they had eaten some Mad-Cow infused beef.

I look down at KJ on a short table now in mid-late position, still with my victim in the big blind.

Min-raises have been taking blinds and antes. I consider raising a 3x raise, but my chips are a little off. Should have just fired in some big boys and announced a smaller amount but kind of misfired and tossed out an odd 2.1x or so.

Folded to my big blind. He the puny weakling and me the bully. He deliberates and asks what it is and decides he's priced in. He was.

So the flop comes out K22. He checks to me.

Spicy. I take my time, studying him through my sunglasses but making him think I am looking at my chips. I see him eying me and I can tell he's got his dander up a bit. As I stall, I can feel his confidence grow a bit.

In my mind, I'm going over hands, I know he doesn't have a two. I also know he doesn't have a decent King. Ace King or King Queen wouldn't have taken so long to call. King 2 probably doesn't complete. A middle king probably would have been a quicker preflop call. I'm well ahead. 22 the other slim possibility for a two was made slimmer by the twos on the flop and he'd probably be fairly quick to call with that hand based on what he's shown. So I know I'm well ahead and he's crushed.

I decide I'll fire out a suspicious c-bet that looks weakish and try and induce action. I fire barely the preflop bet. He's got a stack that is about equal to mine. This is what he's been waiting for.

He quickly announces all in.

I snap call him.

It's like I kicked him in the gut. He's stunned. He shows Q4 of clubs. I show KJ.

Needless to say it goes runner-runner and I head to the rail.

How's that go about trapping with just a pair?

In review, I was playing to win the tournament and was happy to tussle with a big stack, but at the same time, I could have done a few things different.

I could have just shoved after the flop. That wins the pot for me and gives me a chip advantage to plunder the bubble with.

On a meta-level I should be happy to have that guy stay around. I got a tremenduous read on him and other players didn't. He'd win their chips and I'd win them from him. Course I wasn't considering any of that at the time, but in retrospect it's an interesting consideration.

As one of the other bloggers pointed out to me I could have just folded the mighty KJ preflop. There is some truth to that, but I must say I'm a little resistant to that. On those trouble hands I don't mind the criticism when they get into trouble because of what they are. IE KJ runs into KQ or AJ or A10 runs into AQ or AJ. However, for this scenario there was no difference between AK or KJ, it wasn't because the hand was KJ I got into trouble. I also feel advanced enough to play KJ against the hands that cripple it and be able to get away from it. If I run it into AK and get all my chips in on a board of AKJxx, it's a valid criticism (especially when Q10 takes the main pot). Here I didn't.

Also, I was a little embarrassed about the way I acted. Like a petulant little school boy. Maybe it was because cash games weren't going great for me, as I kept playing tournament poker and making shoves I didn't have to make, but I shove my losing stack in and it stumbled. The dealer yelled,"Hey," a little angrily. Didn't really like that. Still I apologized and wished the table luck.

I was pissed at the guy for pushing with Q4, listening to him tell the table, "I was looking to gamble," as he swept up my chips. Yet, I want that knucklehead to do that. That's exactly the way I wanted the hand to play out. So I steamed. Berated myself for not thinking survival first and foremost and trying to get a greedy double up through the only player who would give it to me. Still, I play to win the tournament.

Don't forget to check out bWin's casino: where you can play roulette or play online blackjack at any time of the day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in New Orleans

17 times in the last 1oo years.

The last time was the Xmas before Katrina. Relax you fearful superstitious types, this isn't christmas.

I've put some photos on the blog and a couple of videos of my dogs playing. Took them a little bit to get used to it and then had a bit of a blast.

Now they are trying to warm up.

Also, congrats to Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen who won the Winter Bayou classic main event. It's his third cash in the last couple of months and his first first place finish.

Don't see this much in New Orleans

Dogs playing in snow.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who's Who Final Tabling Winter Bayou Classic

You want to make the Final Table of the Main Event? Get profiled in the Gulf Coast Poker.NET's Who's Who. Last go around it was Gabe Costner and T.K. that duked it out. This go around Jeremy "The Chemist" Gaubert and Matt "Cub" Culberson who just need to outlast seven other players.

Gaubert, as you'll remember is from Lockport, LA, and cashed in the Main Event at this years World Series. He's done a lot online as well.

We'll try and get some of the action on the main page as it happens.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Some Poker and random football thoughts

So I root for the Richmond Spiders. They are in the semi finals in the divison of college football that actually has a playoff. They avenged their loss to Armanti Edwards and just plain nasty team that is Appy State. Appy State won the last three national titles, and last years team which lost a lot to graduation was probably as good as the bottom half of the top 10 in the BCS divison. So it was a bit of an upset. Though they did lose a lot to graduation. The Spiders though lost Tim Hightower the rookie running back stud for Arizona, so we lost some too. No excuses right. I'm pumped for that. If the Spiders can get by UNI I'm headed to Chattanooga for the title game. Problem is, beating UNI at UNI is near impossible so likely I'm not making a pre-christmas road trip.

In hoops those same UR spiders lost to in state rival ODU. What's the point poker fans? Well, I'm wearing my Spiders sweatshirt the night after in Harrahs, New Orleans, and an ODU grad sitting out my table (random) points out the loss. Then I see him snap off my aces chasing an inside straight. Yes, he put the rest of his money in on the turn chasing a four outer.

Later, I got snapped off when I play AJ the same way as I played my aces. Reraising large into a multi-way pot. I think I made it 45 more than the 12 everybody put in. My friend from ODU, the initial raiser called and waterfalled effect it. I thought he had a big pair. The next guy was a loose canon and could have had anything. The guy to my right a steady and at times very good player called. The price almost dictated it. I decided if it came out with an Ace I'd be good. It came A high with a 5 and a 10. ODU hemmed and hawed and checked what was probably queens. Other opponent checked but I could tell he would have pitched if he could. Solid player fired out 75. I had about another 50 left if I called. I didn't credit him for a big ace. Just the time it took for him to call both preflop bets.

10 was possible. So too a set of 5s. I thought he bet too big for a set. Seemed like he was protecting something. A10? 255 in the pot. I could be good here or need another pair. 3 to 1+ on my money. He could just have a gutter ball and be trying to steal. I shoved.

Two folds and he insta-called, and I knew I needed help. Turn was a brick, river another 5.

He turned over pocket 5s.

My mistake? I thought he was protecting when I didn't play the hand out in my mind. He shoved his set thinking I had an overpair, if Kings or less a bad play because I'd lay them down, or AK. If I had Aces he's beat until the miracle on the river. So, that's why the bet didn't make sense to me. Basically, he made a bet only a better hand could call and no lesser hand would call. Maybe I have AK, though I played it like a big pair. Yet, it worked.

Basically that was the only hand I could call him with was AK for him to get paid. Now, I expanded my range down to my holding of AJ because I felt nobody had me outkicked based on the action. Still, I think he made a mistake and got paid, because I made a mistake just as glaring.

I was also tilting a bit. Maybe he smelled that I was apt to make a loose call. Prior to losing with the Aces another guy had just sat down and rivered me twice with bad holdings to take a chunk out of my profit. Then he got up and went home. Argh! That stings.

One of the hands with the hit and runner, the flop came out KJx. Based on my read I put him on a draw and called with AJ (there is that hand again). The turned bricked and I called his bet rather than pounding him, but I feared he was looking to gamble and might call. I kept thinking Negreanu's strategy of small ball. The river was an A but delivered the third club. In the moment, I wasn't good enough to get away from the hand. I called his value bet because I thought it was possible I could have misread him and he was betting KJ all the way. No he was drawing to his flush.

That is an issue of my game I'm dealing with. I know where I am but in my quest to keep the pots small in marginal situations, I don't apply enough pressure to my opponents and let them draw to their cards too cheaply. Should I be raising the turns.

If I know I'm ahead with second pair, that should be a pretty standard bet huh? Or should I see if he hits his outs and check-fold in those river situations. For a while I espoused that belief in 1-2 because they'll pay to chase and sometimes pay you off when the miss with ass like ace high, it's better to let the donkey do the pulling then for me to do the shoving.

Need to study some more, I think.

Other football thoughts.

I kind of like Oklahoma in the National Title game. Florida is pretty nasty though. Should be fun offensive game.

Keep hearing Tubberville was pushed out no matter what Auburn says. I don't know who Auburn thinks they can hire that will get them even with Saban. Pete Carroll maybe? The boosters pockets are deep but I just don't see a big (err HUGE) name coming down to the plains anytime soon. I don't see Mike Leach being an improvement. Or really many of the names being mentioned.

The SEC has turned upside down. I think Bama and Florida are going to be good for a long time to come. Hard to believe that prior to this year, it was really the domain of the winner of the LSU-Auburn game. Not anymore.

Alright, good luck to everybody I know still playing in the Winter Poker Classic. I'll probably talk about some tournament hands including the one that bubbled me 10 or so from the money with a pretty big chip stack (and tilted me for a week) in the next installment. In fact, I got so awnry I decided I'd sit out until the Beau especially since I'm playing on my backer's dime and not my own.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So I think I'm having a pretty good week in a pick 'em pool I play for small change. I look up the results and see I'm in first going into Monday night. Than I see I went with 41 for the o/u or tiebreaker. I see Vegas had it at 48. Probably should have gone somewhere around there because of the Texans but was holding out hope on the Jags d.

I rue not taking Texans because them against Jville has at least once and maybe twice bounced me from a HUGE survivor pool late in the season.
Then, I see if it's 41 or under I win regardless of who wins the game. Nice.

Last night I check my phone for the score and it says with 6 minutes left it was 20-3 or some such nonsense. Suh-weet.

Later I get on the computer and don't check the real score just the spreadsheet. Without looking too closely it looks like I win via the tiebreaker.

Today I'm in the Bayou Classic tournament, first time I'm playing for a backer, somebody is playing jockey with me as the horse, and I don't have to buy-in. Still, I find I more stressed playing on someone else's roll.
Then I see a Texans-Jacksonville score looking nothing like what my phone says. IMMEDIATE AND INSTANT TILT.

Don't know why I'd be upset over a pittiance, though I figured I would have to cut one less check this year. Still, I'm in the tournament, on someone else's dime. And I can't stop stewing about this tiny little pool. I don't know why. I think it was just because I marked it as a win in my mind already and so it felt like stolen or lost money.

Poker at that point went sideways. It's never a good day when the positives is endlessly saying to yourself, at least I lost the minimum. I flop top pair, bet and flush draw hits. Board pairs with a scare card and I get to check the river to see his turned flush. I bet into a pot with middle pair, decent kicker. Quick call (draw). River is an odd gutshot straight making card. I check, he bets fairly large. I give him benefit of the hand and fold--blammo, shows the straight. WTF.

Again, and again. I get decent starting hands and it's raised and reraised. I fold.

I look down at AQ after a steady bleeding of chips. AQ doubled me up to half my starting stack 5 minutes before hand. I'm in all-in or fold mode. Girl I doubled through opens with an attempt at a raise. She throws in her 1k chip and says raise too late. Okay, let's make it two for two. Then she puts on a show. Completely over-acting and huffing and puffing. Guy next to her laughs instead of folding. I watch her put on this act and start to get a little weirded out.

Gets to me. I'm about to push and then I do what I've learned to do when my something-is-too-weird-radar starts blaring I fold.

Assclown in seat 8 calls (blind). (Hmm, could have called there, maybe the one situation I didn't have to push, because of the weirdness and relative strength of hand I can push it if I hit).

Flop is Q high. Chick leads out after Aclown checks. He goes over the top all in. She folds THE OBVIOUS middle pair. Of course she was pissed not to raise with a hand like JJ or 1010 or 99. He kindly shows his QJ and I know he would have paid me off if I was in there. Why I didn't make the straightforward connection is beyond me.

So, later this guy wins a huge pot. As he's stacking his chips looks at his cards and with strong conviction says raise. He's also a tight player. Hmmm. Girl is now short and pushes. I'm in big blind. One king. Two king. I'm all in.

It's showdown time. I see tight boy doing what I like to call the AcesRoll. It's not quite a slow-roll, but it's this slowish exaggerated, make sure everybody is looking at me as I show the Rockets movement. Watch preflop all-in showdowns you'll see the movement is pretty similar when people have aces. That's why if Im holding them I try to throw 'em face up as quickly as possible especially if I got short stacks covered.

Girl shows threes.

I show my soon to be worthless Kings.

Good day.